A bride needs a lot of stuffs in order to be a bride. Let her wedding be a low-key or a high-key wedding, no doubt she has to carry these limited essentials.
Bride Essential jewellery
Have you ever thought why the bride has to be dressed in such a manner?
Well, I also don’t know the exact answer(haha). Joke apart, I think our Indian culture believes that the one who is marrying is showing the reflection of both the God and Goddess in the form of Groom and Bride respectively.
Bride Essential jewellery
Groom always has a low-key ornamental holding while the Bride is destined to be carried out by the enthralling ornaments for beholding as the centre of the attraction.
Bride Essential jewellery


Actually, if we overlook the bride’s essential, then what would be the necessary essentials. Let’s see
1. Bride’s attire(Saree or Lehenga depends)
4. Matha pati or Maangtikka
5. Bangles
6. Nose ring
7. Toe ring/finger ring
8. Armlet
9. Payal
10. Waistband
And much more……
That was the least needed essentials. If you want to get more beautified then you can definitely continue your list continuing.
Bride Essential jewellery
She is a beautiful and fine celebrity makeup artist – Vithya Visvendra. She got married today and the way she is dressed is just a treat to watch. Ain’t she looks pretty!! She teamed up the whole attire with the yellow kanjeevaram saree and a contrast green color ornaments.
Bride Essential jewellery
Every bride has her own storyline depending on their region and culture. Because their whole getup addresses that day’s beauty and culture.
Bride Essential jewellery
These jewelry are the semi-precious ones. These are also high in demand due to its traditional essence.
Bride Essential jewellery
It’s a complete antique jewelry set for a bride. You can also recommend your friend or can also go for your own wedding. This beautiful jewelry and a gorgeous pattu silk saree will just make the best look.
Bride Essential jewellery
A purple bride storyline!!!
She has opted for the purple hues with a minimal jewelry of meenakari where she looks adorable.


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