Top 5 Indian Traditional Women Outfits Which Still Exits

Top 5 Indian Traditional Women Outfits That Still Exits

Generally what we feel, that traditional means wearing only sarees and salwars in a typical way. But that’s not what I’m going to convey us this post. So in this, I want to make you aware of the Indian Traditional Women Outfits which are still alive in our India.

Indian Traditional women outfits

India is such a regional country that it holds everyone culture, ethics, and community for which you will find different outfits from different- different region.


1. Marathi Traditional Women’s Outfits

In Maharastra, you will find the Maharashtrians are still soaked in their tradition. Here, the Marathi Traditional women’s outfits are spotted in saree that is also in a very different look. What you will see here, that the women have draped themselves in such a sporting way that you will crave to get the look.

Actually, they wear in Dhoti Style-From waist to bottom, the saree is draped in such a way, that it will eventually bring the dhoti-look.

Marathi Traditional Women's Outfits

However, the upper part is draped in the usual way that we wear in regular saree wearing.

The Marathi women’s adorns themselves very marvelously. Today also they follow their tradition and however anyone can go in their traditional look, you will look like Diva.

2. Andhra Pradesh Traditional Women’s Outfits

Andhra Pradesh is a region of diverse culture and tradition. This is a place where you will find much more than your expectation from culture, tradition, festival, crafts, arts to music and etc.

You will be always amazed by seeing they are down to earth cultural practice. The girls from the age between 8-12yrs are seen in maxi skirts and top like blouses.

While the women from 18 age onwards are found to be worn in  “Langa Voni”.

Andhra Pradesh Traditional Women's Outfits

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Well, personally I am madly in love with this costume.

Usually, they wear a skirt like a lehenga with a regular blouse then adds a dupatta or Odhni to wrap/cover their upper part o the body from the waist which gives a saree outline look for which it is also known as ‘half saree’.

They are quite strict to their tradition and ethics and deeply love their culture for which their tradition is still alive with full respect and love in the form of their living temperaments.

3. Punjab Traditional Women’s Outfits

Punjab, the loved state of India, where the scenic beauty of the rich agriculture will make you fall for it.

Just imagine if their surrounding is so nice, then think what would be been their dressing style!!

Here, you will find the women in Patiala-Suits. The first and foremost attire, that you will ever see in Punjab from their ancestral is patiala- suits.

Punjab Traditional Women's Outfits

They give complete justice to their Punjab traditional outfit line in their phulkari dupattas, paranda, jutis and jhumkis.


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4. West Bengal Traditional Women’s Outfits

What you will find in West Bengal(Bengali) Traditional Women’s Outfits. The rich red color sarees , sindoors, bindis and their styling sense.They usually makeover like goddesses with their authentic ornaments and outfits.

So, what’s so special in their outfits !!

West Bengal Traditional Women's Outfits

The special is that they drape their sarees in a unique way for which their style of wearing is considered as their traditional way of wearing. For an idea, you can have a look below.

5. Kerala Traditional Women’s Outfits

Kerala is considered as God’s own country, where nature meets with the beauty of backwaters, beaches, sunset, coconut trees, and culture. Here, the women are found in their Kasavu Saree which is regarded as their traditional attire. These sarees are mainly found in white or off-white color with a combination of gold thread woven borders.

Kerala Traditional Women's Outfits

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Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees – Today’s Ruling Heritage Dynasty

Kanjeevaram silk sarees – Today’s ruling heritage dynasty

When we think about “silk sarees” what crosses our mind……….

Yes!! you are right. It’s none other than kanjeevaram silk sarees which stands for the richness and shining aura.

Kanjeevaram silk sarees are also known as ‘Kanchipuram’ sarees, the place from where it is originated, it is also spelled as ‘Conjeevaram’ due to the aftermath of the British’s era.

Kanjeevaram silk saree

So, you can call these sarees as kanchipuram or kanjeevaram or conjeevaram silk sarees after all it depends on your perception.

Now-a-days you will see maximum to maximum people are opting for kanjeevarm silk sarees on their marriages just to hold the ecstasy.

These sarees are grooving because of their motifs, gold cloth and durability. It has that sheen shininess in its sarees for which everyone is being attracted.

The gold threads are the king of the kanjeevaram sarees.

kanjeevaram sarees

Here I’m going to give you fewer details about the origin place,i.e; Kanchipuram!!!!

It is a place located 72km away from Chennai(capital of Tamilnadu) located on the banks of the Vegavathy river.
Kanchipuram is known as the city of temples and silk sarees.

This place was ruled by many dynasties from Cholas, Pallavas, Mughal, British, etc.

Still today you can see the greenery scenic view and you will definitely connect with this place’s culture, tradition and it’s vibes.

Well I’m showcasing below some Kanjivaram silk sarees which are having a signature touch by the endeavour designer.

#Bhargavi Kunam

Bhargavi Kunam

These collections are designed by ‘Bhargavi Kunam’ a hyderabad based designer who excels her designs based on handlooms, kanjeevaram, bridal collections. She is gradually creating the buzz in this kanjeevaram segment.

These Silks are quite authentic and vibrant, it will give you very graceful look.




Who doesn’t know Rekha, the legendary actress but if you have ever marked her events and award functions look then you have been ultimately aware of her style sense.

Because she is the one who always allures her only in kanjeevaram sarees and that too with very rich and antique ornaments.

Rekha in Kanjeevaram silk sarees
She has always left us mesmerized in her tempting looks.



Kalpavruksh” – it is slowly catching the crowd with its designs and style. It is a shop in Vijayawada Buckinghampet, AP, especially for women’s apparels.

Kalpavruksh             Kalpavruksh

If you are melting by this Kalpavruksh’s sarees then go and have a twirl on this shop.

Well below I have given some more styles, you can go through this also…..

Kanjeevaram silk saree


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10 Different Blouse Designs To Get Over From Your Boring Saree Looks

10 different blouse designs to get over from your boring saree looks


From our grand’s grandmother time we have been seeing that typical blouse style wearing, I know it looks very classy but still then we can get over it and can give a trendy as well as a chic look.


I think it doesn’t require any description for the beauty of a girl or a woman who has draped in a saree. Because saree itself is a magic instrument which will by default enhance each one’s beauty…………..

1. Samantha’s collection

Samantha's collection


As all, you know that She is the most stylish lady and also boosts the handloom weaves. Here she has given three different looks, I’m starting from the left; the first one is the ajrakh collection where she had worn a handcrafted blouse and in the middle its a floral saree with 2 layer bell sleeves which gives a fairy look. And the last one is the Anita Dongre’s collection, the blouse is very pretty having a halter neck with ethnic motifs.

2. Shanvi’s look

Shanvi's look


She has dressed in a sea blue net saree whereas the blouse is very dramatic, carrying a flared embroidered sleeve with a boat neck which looks very beautiful. You can go for this look during any function or events.



The name itself justifies its style. Peplum blouses will go very well with the handloom, linen and solid sarees. These blouses are made in such a style that any dull saree will switch on to give that elegant look. Peplum blouses are also in fashion.

4. Crop blouses/Tops

Crop blouses/Tops

This image shows 4 different looks. From the top right corner in a clock-wise direction, the Actress Bhavana is wearing a full sleeve with keyhole neck fully sequinned blouse which is a statement look.

Then the next one is Deepika’s floral half sleeve blouse with a detailing neck work, she had opted for the pastels one which is looking tremendous.

The next one is an ivory white color full sleeve blouse with a small keyhole neck which looks subtle due to its embroidered work. And the last one is of Sonam’s red blouse which has a front detailing chain and a half sleeve embroidered and applique work

5. Formal one

Formal one

Well, we all need this blouses just to twirl our formal and official looks. These designs are quite simple and sober but yet it holds the tag of being different and unique look.

6. Cold-shoulder sleeves

Cold-shoulder sleeves

Do you know guys these looks are very much indeed for party times. I think I don’t need to describe more as you all know how to crack this look on your coming special days.

7. Back-styled blouses

Back-styled blouses

Three high defined back to back beautiful back designing blouses which mark as the shows grabber look. One can not stop herself from adorning in this blouses which needs only an attitude to carry this look.

8. Anita Hassanandani

 Anita Hassanandani

If you have marked her in her leading television soap, then you have absolutely known about her saree storeis in which she always tries to give her own style of western touch. She has worn a strappy blouse which looks very sensuous. It will go pretty well for any parties or college functions.

9. Handlooms


This type of blouse style gives us a high time goal to own it. One is bell sleeve blouse while the other one is a lace inserted top like blouse. When you feel to go trendy or jolly then go for this type of attire with this recommended blouses….

10. Jacket style

Jacket style


It is a new modification blouse inspired from the rajasthanis, it’s really different and a fresh look you can go for it.


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5 ways To Flatter Flawlessly In The Sensational Royal Blue Color

5 ways To Flatter Flawlessly In The Sensational Royal Blue Color

Royal blue color itself holds the legacy of having a flattering look. Any skin tone you might be, it’s for sure you will create your own segmented look. Dresses made of this color are easily able to strike in any one eyes. So, always keep in mind that you don’t need to put any extra effort for having a flattering look.


Here, I’m detailing about the style, and the preferences that you can aware of the leading trend and henceforth can adopt that look in your nearer events, the occasion, etc.

#Being a bride-maid

Hyderabad based boutique Teja Sarees

Aint’t it looks striking?

Yes, it is  !! The model is being represented by the Hyderabad based boutique “Teja Sarees.” Very Smartly they have chosen the colors to brings this vivid look.

There they have used both the royal blue color as well as the orange color of silk fabric where crop top has an add-on of minimal embodied work.

This look can glam you in any occasion for having the centric attraction.

#Elegant look

kanjeevaram sarees

Here the very know the designer, as well as stylish Anushree Reddy, has addon herself in her own studio designer a Knjeevaram saree.

The border of the saree is finely worked on gold threads upon the royal blue whereas the whole body part of the saree is having the shininess of teal blue color.

She kept her ornaments a statement look where she had used choker uncut stonework necklace with big dangler earrings and a gold bracelet. If you are looking for an elegant look then you can opt this style.

#For any casual look


royal blue salwar

Royal blue is that merging color which can go efficiently hackable in every individual color.

A ground length Anarkali combined with an off-white color contrast of royal blue color on the cuffs of the dress as well as detachable jackets with addon of tassels. She had used a statement oxidized necklace which goes very ease upon her.

If you are going to any rituals or temple or for any small occasion, then you can go for this style without any thinking for twice.

#Party look


 fusion suit

What to say about this look! Just imagine this costume of yourself. I’m sure you have been already driven in that.

The crop top which is fully worked of sequins with full sleeves will play  the centric role of the whole set of this dress.

It will ultimately uplift your style segment.

You can go for a silver oxidized statement necklace with an Oxidized Maang tika and keep your hairs open with some loose curls.

When you will be fully dressed in this set of dress, I bet you will never be left unnoticed from the crowd.

#Keeping a subtle look


rakul preet in yellow

The last one is very simple and trendy which you can wear for any casual outing.

The look is very subtle, a button down cotton flare maxi dress, mix-matched with a royal blue bandhani stole which has very little tassels at the end.

You can combine the look with an oxidized Jhumka earrings and Gold-toned sandals.

So, These were all my collections which are being preferred by me.

However, there are some more collections, You can go through below it……………….!!

anuskha outfit


sreya saran in blue saree


anushree reddy design

(Source of Image – Teja Sarees, Anushree Reddy Studio, Pinterest and Pritisahni ).

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