Maxi Skirt /Long Skirt – The Power Play Labels


Maxi Skirt /Long Skirt – The Power Play Labels

Maxi Skirt/Long Skirt are playing a very vital role in today’s fashion world. These skirts are giving us a power pack impact. This outfit is a label in itself.

Maxi Skirt /Long Skirt

There was a time when we were bounded for wearing any long skirts because the look was very direct. Because the outfit was direct conveying of any lehnga or any party wear look.

Long Skirt

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But in our present time, we are seeing long skirts are creating very wonderful style legacy.

Maxi Skirt /Long Skirt

You can take multiple styles to your fashion line like maxi skirts-crop top, long skirt-high slit kurti, maxi skirt-kurtas, maxi shirt-shirts, long skirt-t-shirt, long skirt-top and much more.

Maxi Skirt /Long Skirt

So, what you find here, maxi skirts are filled with vast styles where we can mix-match and create a number of fusion styles.

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Long Skirt With Crop Top

Long Skirt With Crop Top

Long Skirt With Crop Top

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Long Skirt with crop top has become a great option for maximum’s in irreplaceable for lehngas.

Long Skirt With Crop Top

Crop Tops are made in such a way that it would neither give much or less gap in between the waistline.

Long Skirt With Crop Top

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Shirt With Maxi Skirts

Shirt With Maxi Skirts

I think this is the most loved outfit in today’s time. Because it is one of my own favorites.

Shirt With Maxi Skirts

This look is a great statement look as at the same time you can feel both beautiful and stylish with an attitude.

Shirt With Maxi Skirts

Back To Retro

Drive to flashback!!

Back To Retro

Skirts with heavy pleated from upper waist combined with printed shirts were something to fall for the vintage styles.

Long Skirt With Kurtas

Long Skirt With Kurtas

Mostly seen fashion a long kurta with high slit attired with a long/maxi skirt.

Long Skirt With Kurta

Sometimes you can attach the look with a short kurta also.

Maxi Skirts With Tees

Maxi Skirts With Tees

Very light and sportive look to have on any casual day.

Maxi Skirts With Tees

Well, these were the striking collections of Maxi Skirts/Long Skirt Collections.

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Slay In The 2018 Collection Of Kurti-Palazzo Pant For Women


Slay In The 2018 Collection Of Kurti-Palazzo Pant For Women

There is plenty of options for fashion styling for the women’s. They can pick any style and make them their own signature look.


There was a time we used to see only KurtiLeggings, means that time it was a revolutionary change.

Now, once again it has hit the coast of the fashion alert line with a different fusion. Kurti- Palazzo Pant For Women are emerging very fastly in the recent times.

Palazzo Pant For Women

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It is giving variant styles for the women to adorn themselves.

Well, the 2018 collection for the Kurti- Palazzo pant for women is stated one by one.

Before Going for kurti- palazzo sets, let me aware you about the individual styles and types of palazzo pants and Kurtis.

kurti- palazzo pant for women

Palazzo Pants –

  • Straight Fit Palazzo
  • Flared Palazzo
  • Pleated Palazzo
  • Slit Palazzo
  • Culottes
  • Layered Palazzo

Types of Kurtis –

  • Regular Kurtis
  • Front Slit Kurtis
  • Long Length Kurtis
  • Angarakhas
  • Asymmetrical Kurtis

kurti- palazzo pant for women

It’s a pink chanderi straight Kurtis with a regular palazzo which can go both for a special occasion or regular wear.

kurti- palazzo pant for women

Casual cotton wear with regular palazzo and kurtiss.

kurti- palazzo pant for women

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It’s a side high slit kurtis with a flared palazzo pant.

kurti- palazzo pant

An angarakha kurtis with a casual trouser palazzo pant for women.

kurti- palazzo

A crunched flare palazzo pant with a kurtis.

Women kurtis

An asymmetric kurtis with a flared palazzo pant for women.

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Purity is not the fashion trend of this era! India is now is flooding with the ideas of having a fusion party, i.e. indo-western wears. From different fusion party dresses to designer fusion wears, indo-western fusion dresses are the king of the fashion market nowadays.


So, why stick to the old-age pure traditional or pure western attire for this summer party? Isn’t it better to ditch those dresses for a designer fusion wear? Let us have a look.

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1. Slit Kurtis


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Among all the Indo western fusion dresses, Slit Kurtis has made a unique style statement among all. You can pair these Kurtis with jeans or a palazzo, and nobody will raise a brow! Also, they come in extremely versatile style such as sleeveless, short-sleeves, full sleeve and what not! Undoubtedly, slit kurtis are one of the best fusion party dresses for this summer.

2. Asymmetric jacket


Asymmetry is new in! This summer party, pair your crop top with a long asymmetric jacket and you are done. This fusion party dress is a perfect way to ditch your traditional wear, yet retaining a little part of it. You can wear it with jeans, palazzo or a kurti because this indo-western fusion dress literally goes with everything.

3. Jacket Saree


A lot of people might not want to try it out, but the jacket saree is one of the indo-western fusion dresses that go with every traditional summer events. Jacket and saree might seem to be oddest combinations ever, but this is the newest fashion trend that you can ever follow. All you have to do is to drape your gorgeous saree and throw a jacket on it afterwards. Also, you can twist and drape your saree with your jacket as well. You can get a long jacket, or you can use a cropped jacket to create this indo-western fusion party dress.


4. Peplum blouse

And if you want to do something crazy with your saree, the best idea is to pair it up with a peplum blouse. This perfectly resembles the traditional and western culture and blends them in. Also, you can wear a turban with this fusion party dress to give this look a little more desi look. You can get a long peplum blouse or a short peplum blouse. Also, you can choose the print of your peplum blouse as you like it as well.

Peplum blouse

These 4 type fusion party dresses are just the tip of the iceberg! Indo-western fusion dresses are the core of the fashion industry right now and you can experiment with them as much as you like it. So, twist and match!

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Take A Sneak Peek On The Latest Indian Fusion Dresses & Indian Fusion Gowns


Take A Sneak Peek On The Latest Indian Fusion Dresses & Indian Fusion Gowns

I think 2018 is only meant for the Indian Fusion Wear’s.

 Indian Fusion Wear's


The maximum to maximum fashions are decoded were only the Indian Fusion Wear it may be Indian Fusion dresses, gowns, sarees, suits etc. The more you explore in this the more you will fall for this fashion trends.

Indian Fusion dresses

Indo-fusion wear can be derived from any apparel or accessories like from ornaments, footwear, dress or any accessory.

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Indian Fusion dresses

For being dress in any fusion wear totally depends upon oneself; how she adores herself and sets the bar of styles so that it can remark the style as the Indian Fusion Wear.

women Indian Fusion dresses

The Most Demanded Two Fashions –

  • Indian fusion Gowns
  • Indian Fusion Dresses

is been described below with the help of best styling images so that you can decode those styles.

women fusion wear collection

Indian Fusion gowns –

Basically what happens in Indian Fusion Gowns –

The only things you can fuse for gowns are the fabrics and the footwears and ornaments. Mixing up an ethnic gown with chic shoes will ultimately change the look and bring the look of a fusion gown.

1)Indian Fusion Gowns

A faded pink gown combined with an embroidered white shoes.

2)women Indian Fusion Gowns

An off shoulder fringed ash blue gown looks like a fairy queen.

3)women fusion wear

An ikat layered gown, being styled in a very attractive way looks very beautiful at the same time casual.

4)Indian Fusion Gowns

Ongoing summery gowns – one is maxi orange color whereas the other is a wrap style blue gown looks cool with white shoes.

5)latest women fusion gowns

A very rich color in a wrap style gown looks very gorgeous.

6)latest women fusion gowns

Tribal neck-piece with a casually printed gown.

7)Women fusion wear

women fusion wear

women fusion gowns

Ikat gowns are the best option for any Indian fusion gowns.

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Indian Fusion Dresses –

fusion gowns

Well in the dresses category there are vast varieties with a wide range of styles.

1)fusion wear of indian women

A brocade maxi skirt attired with a solid shirt and a minimal necklace.

2)fusion wear of indian women

A dark denim jumpsuit acquired with a long floral jacket with floral shoes.

3)fusion wear of indian women

A cool outfit – a loose fit patiala like a pant with a crop top and long sheer jacket.

4)fusion wear of indian women

Woow!!!! Monochrome dhoti saree style!

Very right in attitude, an undoubted statement look.

5)fusion wear of indian women

Loose fit palazzo with full sleeve crop top.

6)fusion wear of indian women

A dhoti style pant with a long stylish top.

7)fusion wear of indian women

Side slit embroidered kurta with a patterned pant.

8)fusion wear of indian women

Dhoti style pant and a great asymmetrical kurta look very well.

9)Kriti sanon fusion wear of indian women

A cigarette pant attached with a regular top and great dotted blazer like a jacket.

10)fusion wear of indian women

What a summer goal look!! ‘Very breezy as well as light to wear in the summer.

So, friends, these were all the latest Indian Fusion gowns and dresses that I placed in front of you.

Hope you loved the collection!!! If Yes, then Kindly Share It and Like It.

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