Two Heavenly Regional Stories From The Same Origin Handloom – Bomkai Saree And Handlooms Kalpavruksh

Two Heavenly Regional Stories From The Same Origin Handloom – Bomkai Saree And Handlooms Kalpavruksh

I know there are innumerable handloom fabrics and sarees, but I preferred to throw light upon these two heavenly regional handlooms.


Because in this one is little-underrated handloom and the other one is highly rated handloom. But the things is these two are the region handlooms – One is Bomkai Saree from Odisha whereas the other is the Handlooms Kalpavruksh which deals in the kanjeevaram sarees.

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Bomkai Saree –

Bomkai Saree from Odisha

Bomkai saree is also remarked as the sonepuri saree as it is originated from the western part of Odisha.

These are the hand woven handloom sarees which are both available in silk and cotton material saree. While the silk bomkai saree can be put on during any occasion or function whereas the cotton is quite casual, you can adorn them at any time.

Bomkai Saree from Odisha

This saree is having the essence of the tribal culture which includes ethnic motifs. Bomkai Sarees are found with the maximum ethnic motifs pattern on their pallu & the borderline.

And these motifs are creating the standards of the bomkai saree beacuse through this the culture and tradition of Odisha are demonstrated and kept on a high note.

Bomkai Saree from Odisha

Pink Click !!

Its a pink bomkai saree followed with a tribal motif pallu. Soothing color with elegant work finish makes it look beautiful.

Bomkai Saree

Yes, now let me check how many of you have been able to figure out this design?

Well, it’s a bomkai saree, no doubt but the work which is done is actually something which represents the culture of Odisha. So, the weaver has done a great work by airing the holy shrine “Lord Jagannath” and the Nartakis, which undoubtedly shows the creativeness of the weaver.

Bomkai Saree from Odisha Handlooms

Its a mix of ikkat and bomkai, which shows a contrast color combination with small buti works.

Bomkai Saree from Odisha Handlooms

An intricate work of the weaver.

Bomkai Saree from Odisha Handlooms

Cultivated with the box motifs upon the striped background. A pista green colored saree with a contrast of deep green pallu and border.

Bomkai Saree from Odisha Handlooms

Bomkai pattu Saree.

Bomkai pattu Saree

Bomaki Cotton Sarees.

Handlooms Kalpavruksh –

Handlooms Kalpavruskh

Handlooms Kalpavruskh” has shown a great rising pace in the kanjeevaram dynasty. Because “kalpavruksh” is a complete women clothing shop targeting upon the handloom sector i.e; Kanjeevaram Sarees.

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Those who want to visit this shop can follow the below address:-

[ Bandar Road, Vijayawada Buckinghampet,  Andhra Pradesh, India, Contact No – 08142544441]

The way Kalpavruskh is intacting the designs is a great approach for the cultivation of kanjeevaram pattu sarees.

Kanjeevaram Saree itself holds a lot of emotions and practice to maintain its old tradition through its day to day innovative designs and fusions of contemporary motifs.

Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees

Golden thread works at a Zig-Zag joyous design. Should have this style at least one for any valuable moments.

Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees

Check patterns followed with best-contrasting color combination with a golden worked border. For any casual or light occasion, you can opt like this style of Kanjeevaram Pattu Sarees.

Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees

Bridal Pieces !!!

Very absoulte in color – rich, vibrant and gorgeous. A perfect option for any bride as she can rule that day with these sarees collections.

Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees

One is gingham check body work while the other is Pochampally work.

These looks will go elegant upon the women’s who are loving to style themselves after their 50’s also.

Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees Collection

Party – wear sarees, done in contemporary designs as well as traditional which can be carried during any casual or ethnical functions.

Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees

Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees

Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees

A sign of soberness, very subtle and low tone colors and also the ongoing color boards in today’s fashion world. These sarees will ultimately look beautiful upon any one.

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Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees

I hope I have helped you to know about the two heavenly regional stories from the same origin ” Handlooms” – Bomkai Saree and Handlooms Kalpavruksh through this article.



Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees – Temple For Women’s Sarees

Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees – Temple For Women’s Sarees


Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

Kanjeevaram silk sarees are a blessing from the Kanchi silk weavers. But when it comes to Kanchi Kamakshi Silk sarees then its a temple for the women.

Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

So, let me introduce to you all, what is the motto of Kanchi Kamakshi Shop?

Well, the usual  Kanchi Kamakshi signifies the Shakti peetha, a Hindu Goddess Temple dedicated to the goddess Lalitha Tripursdari(Parvathi) from where the shop name is being derived.

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Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

But according to this post, Kanchi Kamakshi is the traditional shop which has its branches in Vizag and Vijayawada. They directly bring the weaves from Kanchipuram, a place from Chennai.

Kanchi Shop has its uniqueness due to its strong motto. As they have induced a new concept saree theme where you get the personalized Kanchi pattu portrait sarees.

Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

This concept is very much loved and high in demand for today’s instance. It takes around 45 days to weave the desired portrait silk saree, i.e; you have to order it before 45days keeping focus to your deadline time.

The portrait pattu sarees comes at a range from Rs30,000/- to Rs 1,50,000/-

Now, let us visualize the interior of their shop and their ruling empire.

Here, you will find every item related to a woman fashion needs. The kingdom is structured in such a way that in the middle of the base you find the goddess KanchiKamakshi’s idol, in a seated positon in their temple sanctum.

Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

Kanchi Kamakshi staffs are also dressed in ethnic uniforms. The woman employees are found in Kerala kasuvu sarees whereas the men employees are found in the white dhotis and shirts. And when you will depart from the shop, you will get the prasad from them and then you will leave the shop with complete bliss.

Basically here you will find sarees from handloom to kanjeevaram sarees at a reasonable starting price from Rs1500 onwards according to your budget.

Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

Attention for the “bride-to-be”

When you will head to purchase for any bridal saree for your big day, you will be astonished by their hospitality.  At Kanchi, they have their personal Purohits, by whom they perform a holy kumkum pooja after placing the saree infront of goddess Kanchi Kamakshi idol to have the blessings for the bride.

Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

I think its the best shop to have you bridal sarees done where you gain both blessings as well as your marriage attires.

Kanchi Kamakshi Silks Vizag

This Kanchi Kamakshi silks Vizag is a branch of the main shop.


Kanchi Kamakshi

Opposite to Jagadamba center,

Visakhapatnam – 530002,

Phone No. – 07288882042

Kanchi Kamakshi Sarees Vijayawada


The main shop which resides in Vijayawada.

Kanchi Kamakshi

Besant Road,

Vijayawada – 520011,

Phone No. – 09133386652

Both this shops in Vijayawada and Vizag are great at their services and products. You will never get disappointed with their shop.

So, do a visit for sure, just go and feel the environment and the collection in their shop.

Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

I would also like to share one experience about my visit. How I was moved and touched by their service, greetings, interior, goddess and of course their products. Actually, I was attracted to the shop by seeing their window style view and when I entered, I was so much driven by their saree collections that I was unable to resist myself from having one kanchi pattu saree that priced me around Rs 6200/-.

Kanchi Kamakshi Silk Sarees

I am sharing the images. I suggest you all to visit their shop once. If you like our post kindly like it and share it.

A-Z Dictionary Of Sarees From Different Regions

A-Z Dictionary Of Sarees From Different Regions

Doesn’t it astonish you, how Indian women drape yards of cloth into the most beautiful attire in the whole world? No stitching, no attaching! Just a few twists and you will have the perfect attire that complements every woman’s physique. Not only that it is affordable, but this is also the traditional Indian attire that goes with every other occasion of India.

Sarees From Different Regions

But if you think for a one second that saree only has only one form and one way of draping, you are so dead wrong! With varying cultures and traditions, the style of saree varies as well. From North to South and East to West, the different ways of draping sarees will surely amaze you. And the best part is, the saree is just not a nine-yard cloth, but it is a lot more than that.

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Sarees From Different Regions


For Indians, saree is an emotion that drapes our waists and protects our hearts with pleats.
And if you are genuinely interested in finding out more about the saree draping ways; here we are, willing to dig deep with you. But before we get into the topic of saree draping, let us give you a little overview of different kinds of sarees. Have a look.

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1. Taant Saree from West Bengal

Taant Saree from West Bengal

Taant Saree from West Bengal
Starting with the far east, Taant is one of the famous sarees of West Bengali. This is a cotton saree which is handmade and thus it is extremely lightweight. Mostly, Taant has a thick border with an elaborate design and a less designed body with a light shade. It is easy to wear and goes with every Bengali occasion.

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2. Kanjeevaram from Tamil Nadu

Kanjeevaram from Tamil Nadu

Kanjeevaram from Tamil Nadu
Taking a little tour to the South, Tamil Nadu is famous for Kanjeevaram Sarees. These kinds of sarees are woven with silk threads that come from the Kanjeevaram region. The texture and the rich color of this saree are what makes it famous amongst people. Also, all the Kanjeevaram Sarees have a unique vivid color combination.

3. Bomkai from Odisha

Bomkai from Odisha
Popularly known as Sonepuri Silk, Bomkai is one of the famous expensive sarees of India, and the intricate threadwork of this saree will amaze you. Mostly, Ikkat and embroidery work combines to be the Bomkai Saree. They are one of the famous festive sarees in Odisha.

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4. Sambalpuri from Odisha

Sambalpuri from Odisha
Another popular Odia saree is the Sambalpuri saree. Sambalpuri sarees have a rich texture which comes from its dyed threads. This is the handwoven saree of Odisha and it is a traditional wear for every Odia people out there. The designs and the borders of this saree are quite unique and give this saree a different kind of vibe.

5. Kasavu from Kerala

Kasavu from Kerala
Also known as the Settings Saree of Kerala, Kasavu saree is one of the ancient attires of Kerala. It is a must traditional wear which usually involved a mundu, a stole and a blouse worn typically. However, the modern version of this saree comes in golden borders and white body. The white color is the USP of this kind of saree; however, nowadays Kasavu saree can be found in different other colors as well.

6. Paithani Saree from Maharashtra

Paithani Saree from Maharashtra


Paithani Saree from Maharashtra

Coming to the west Indian specialty, Paithani saree should be mentioned. The grandeur and charm of this saree hide in the intricate Sari work. Woven in silk, this saree showcases different animal motifs. Peacock motif is the most common design of a Paithani Saree.

7. Bandhani Saree from Gujarat

Bandhani Saree from Gujarat

Bandhani Saree from Gujarat
Bandhani Sarees are an exclusive part of the state Gujarat and this kind of sarees always showcase a particular type of designs i.e. dots. Also, the tie and dye process of Bandhani saree refers to the origin of the name of this kind of sarees. Along with Gujarat, Rajasthan is also known for Bandhani Sarees.

8. Muga Saree from Assam

Muga Saree from Assam

Muga Saree from Assam
The Muga sarees of Assam are made of a special kind of silk which makes this saree a unique one. The glossy texture and the rich fabric of this Muga silk are the best features. Also, it is lightweight and quite durable as well. Surprisingly, you can only find the golden silk thread only in Assam.

9. Benarasi from Varanasi

Benarasi from Varanasi
The heavy Zari work is famous in Varanasi. The golden Zari designs and motifs are only unique to Benarasi sarees which are mostly used in Bengali weddings. The intricate design and the rich texture of this saree are magnificent. It was originally made for royal purposes and this saree needed a year to finish weaving. Also, these sarees were woven with real gold and silver threads. Benarasi sarees are heavy and have golden borders.

10. Pochampally saree from Telangana

Pochampally saree from Telangana

Pochampally saree from Telangana
Pochampally saree is the unique feature of the state Andhra Pradesh and the saree got its name from the famous South silk i.e. Pochampally. Intricate motifs and geometric designs are the two basic characteristics of these silk sarees. They are mostly used for wedding and royal purposes.

11. Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh

Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh

Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh
Chanderi is another unique saree which everyone should have in their wardrobe. Silk, zari and cotton – these three materials combine together to give birth to this unique saree, Chanderi. The glossy look and the rich fabric of this saree are to die for. Also, Chanderi is lighter than a feather. They mostly come in vivid colors such as bright red or magenta pink with a thick golden border.

12. Konrad saree from Tamil Nadu

Konrad saree from Tamil Nadu
Konrad Sarees of Tamil Nadu is locally known as the temple saree. This kind of sarees was first woven for the temple deities only. The unique feature of this kind of saree is that it usually has a thick border of golden. The stripes or the checks on the body compliments the thick border quite well. Also, the borders generally have motifs of either plants or animals. Vivid color is the USP of these kinds of sarees.

13. Leheriya saree of Rajasthan

Leheriya saree of Rajasthan

Leheriya saree of Rajasthan
Just like the Bandhani saree as mentioned above, Leheriya is another type of Rajasthan bandhani sare. Unlike the previous Bandhani sarees, the designs of Leheriya saree showcases designs which are quite similar to waves. Contrast color is the most attractive part of this kind of sarees. While processing, the cloth is tied and then it is dyed. All the Rajasthani women wear this kind of sarees as a regular wear.

14. Phulkari saree from Punjab

Phulkari saree from Punjab
Phulkari i.e the floral sarees are only unique to the state of Punjab. The embroidery work of a Phulkari saree is beyond amazing. Cotton or Khadi is the basic material that is used for the embroidery work and the bright hues of these kinds of sarees do the rest of the work. Punjab is also famous for Phulkari dupattas as well.

15. Chikankari saree from Lucknow

Chikankari saree from Lucknow

Chikankari saree from Lucknow
The work of Chikankari is something particularly unique to the land of Lucknow. Chikankari is the work of thread on a same colored cotton cloth. The heavy work of Chikankari creates quite a dazzle. Expensive and unique, Chikankari saree is the symbol of Lucknow, and everyone should have at least one Chikankari saree in their wardrobe.

16. Kosa Sarees from Chattisgarh

Kosa Sarees from Chattisgarh

Kosa Sarees from Chattisgarh
Kosa Sarees are a unique form of silk sarees that are woven from a special species of silkworms only. Available in the state of Chattisgarh, Kosa saree comes in different colors and patterns. The thick border and the stripe body of this saree make it unique to the eyes of every woman in India. Also, Kosa silk sarees are mostly known for their sturdiness. Kosa silk sarees are a kind of Tussar sarees.

17. Patola sarees of Gujarat

Patola sarees of Gujarat
Mostly worn by the members of the royal families, Patola is one of the famous sarees of Gujarat. This saree is a double silk saree that is made of the silk of Patan in Gujarat. Patola sarees have motifs of different animals and plants usually. Sometimes, different geometric shapes also take place as motifs on these sarees.

18. Kalamkari Saree of Andhra Pradesh

Kalamkari Saree of Andhra Pradesh

Kalamkari Saree of Andhra Pradesh
Kalamkari is one the famous sarees of South India. It is a handpainted saree that involves 17 steps to weave. Also, the main feature of this saree is that it has block prints on cotton textile. They are naturally dyed sarees which makes it quite long lasting as well. Kalamkari sarees are generally extremely lightweight and involve different stories of the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

19. Puttapaka Saree from Telangana

Puttapaka Saree from Telangana

Puttapaka Saree from Telangana
Closely resembles Sambalpuri sarees, Puttapaka sarees of Telangana are woven following the tied and dyed method of the Gujarat and Rajasthan. These sarees can be found in the district of Nalgonda of Telangana. The sarees mostly have a matte finish look with intricate floral or animal motifs. It generally has a thin border with fewer designs on the borders. They are also Ikkat fabrics. The aesthetics of this saree is quite astounding and it needs two skilled hands to weave this saree neatly.

20. Kantha Saree

Kantha Saree

Kantha Saree
Kantha Saree is a kind of saree that is unique to the state of West Bengal only. Kantha saree mostly involves heavy embroidery work which tells a tale. Kantha Saree was originated from Nakshi Kantha and it is still a famous artwork in Bengal. Apart from Bengal, you can also find this kind of work in Odisha as well.

21. Gota Saree of Rajasthan

Gota Saree of Rajasthan
The Gota Saree of Rajasthan is a unique kind of saree than involves intricate metal embroidery works. These heavy sarees are mostly used in case of a wedding and other occasional parties only. The vivid color and the thick borders of this saree is surely an attraction.

22. Gadwal Saree of Telangana

Gadwal Saree of Telangana


Gadwal Saree of Telangana
Again, Gadwal saree is known for its extensive Zari work, and it is unique to the state of Telangana. Based on silk fabric, this saree showcases broad borders with heavy Zari works on it. They are quite a spectacle and mostly worn by brides. Not to mention, Gadwal sarees are expensive as well.

So, these were the different types of sarees from  different region which still exists.

Handlooms Kalpavruksh – The Roaring Folk Tale!!

Handlooms Kalpavruksh – The Roaring Folk Tale!!

Day by day Handlooms Kalpavruksh is roaring by their highest peeks for which they are unable to handle their prosperity!!
Well, jokes apart…
Handlooms Kalpavruksh is really blooming a lot by bringing out the new and fresh designs. I know they are having great customers but we want to share their designs to build much more admirer for their intricate work.
Handlooms Kalpavruksh sarees
Handlooms Kalpavruksh
Handlooms Kalpavruksh
They are really progressing by their own hard work and sweat. Creating such beautiful pieces with gorgeous colors and designs that how could one stop oneself from going there and having one….or….two…or….much more.


Handlooms Kalpavruksh sarees

A typical red lustrous color saree having the traditional border is really looking magnificent.

Handlooms Kalpavruksh sarees

Off-white kanchi pattu saree looks both sober and traditional.

Handlooms Kalpavruksh sarees

A checked saree with contrast navy blue and orange color.

Handlooms Kalpavruksh sarees

Highness of sobriety!!!

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Perfect color combo with a new look.

Handlooms Kalpavruksh sarees

A pink benarasi pattu saree with elephant and bird imprinted at the border.

Handlooms Kalpavruksh sarees

Looks like a Kerala kasavu saree which is not. Its a checked kanchi pattu saree having works of golden threads.

Handlooms Kalpavruksh sarees

What a lovely saree!!!

Handlooms Kalpavruksh sarees

A  light weighted saree with a new design of jhumkis which looks quite attractive.

Handlooms Kalpavruksh sarees

Perfect love….. Those are the kanjeevaram saree lovers will definitely love this saree.

Handlooms Kalpavruksh sarees

A simple, sober and a gentle looking saree.

Handlooms Kalpavruksh sareesThe most iconic color combo saree. If any lady wears this saree she will unquestionably look like an ultra demi-goddess.

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Handlooms Kalpavruksh sarees

A Royal blue saree having checks and different motifs of designs.

Handlooms Kalpavruksh sarees

Pastel green, a mesmerizing color for any sober look.
After seeing such breathtaking collections of Kanjeevaram pattu sarees from the utmost Handlooms Kalpavruksh,
I can not resist myself from having those Handlooms Kalpavruksh’s saree. Well, I am going to have one……  What about you!!! I know it is an undoubtedly big yessss, so what are you waiting for guys, go visit their shop or whatsapp them on this followed number ‘+91-8142544441’.

33 Different Types Of Saree Blouses Back-Neck Designs For This Summer

33 Different Types Of Saree Blouses Back-Neck Designs For This Summer

Summer might be one of the most pleasant seasons in other countries but not in India. The hot and humid climate of summer makes it almost impossible for women to wear a saree and also flaunt it at the same time. Even if you choose cotton saree that will go fine for your summer attire, but the choice for blouses  becomes the trickiest part.

But here, we have come up with the perfect solution to this summer mess. Let us have a look.

Different Types Of Blouse Back Neck Designs


  1. Backless blouses
  2. Boat neck blouses
  3. Halter neck blouses
  4. cap sleeve blouses
  5. Collar neck blouses
  6. Peter pan blouses
  7. Back slit blouses
  8. Double neck blouses
  9. Sheer/net blouses
  10. Peplum blouses
  11. Applique cut-work blouses
  12. One-Shoulder blouses
  13. Pot neck blouses
  14. Asymmetrical blouses
  15. Lace insert blouses
  16. V neck blouses
  17. Knot blouses
  18. Jacket style blouses
  19. Keyhole blouses
  20. Embroidered blouses
  21. String back blouses
  22. Round neck blouses
  23. Square neck blouses
  24. Off shoulder blouses
  25. Spaghetti strap blouses
  26. Angrakha blouses
  27. Cold shoulder blouses
  28. Sweetheart neck blouses
  29. Designer blouses
  30. Illusion blouses
  31. Cowl blouses
  32. Ornamentation blouses
  33. High neck blouses

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1. Backless Blouses

Backless Blouses Backless Blouses

Now, this kind of blouses might not be an ideal item for daily wear, but this is surely one of the best choices if you are going to a summer wedding party. The backless blouse designs for pattu sarees can be worn with other silk Sarees as well. Not only that, but different types of blouses with back neck designs are also trending in the fashion world nowadays as well. Thus, if you want to be summer diva at any party, never forget to pair your pattu saree or any silk saree with a backless or deep back neck blouse.

2. Boat Neck blouses

In the field of different types of blouses back neck designs, boat neck blouses can be included as well. If you are looking for simple blouse designs for daily wear, boat neck might be a perfect choice for you as well. This is not only a great pair to the heavy designer sarees, but this is also a great match for light cotton sarees as well. Boat neck blouses come in two options — sleeveless and sleeves. Based on your comfort, you can try either one.

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Boat Neck blouses

3. Halter Neck blouse

Halter Neck blouse

Halter Neck blouse

If you want different blouses with back neck designs, the new halter neck blouse will just suit you perfectly. Halter neck is the new simple design for daily wear, but you can also use this design for any summer party as well. Also, you can match up your silk halter neck with a gorgeous saree to give your summer look a new definition. And the best part is, you do not have to wear any neckpiece with this kind of blouse.

Halter Neck blouse Halter Neck blouse

4. Cap Sleeves

Cap Sleeves Not all women are comfortable enough to carry a sleeveless blouse, right?  For them, the cap sleeve blouse is the perfect yet simple design for daily wear or daily use. You can try printed cap sleeve or solid cap sleeve. Mostly, cap sleeve blouses go best with cotton sarees. But if you want, you can pair a gorgeous back neck designed cap sleeve blouse with a silk or pattu saree as well.

6. Collar Neck sleeveless blouse

Collar Neck sleeveless blouse Collar Neck sleeveless blouse

Lots of people might think normal sleeveless blouse as a boring one. For them, the high neck or the collar neck sleeveless blouse would be the right choice. This button-down collar neck will give your attire a more formal vibe with the cotton comfort that you seek in the summer season. From office meetings to any parties, high collar neck sleeveless blouse is a hit everywhere.

6.Peter Pan collar blouse

Peter Pan collar blouse

If you love to experiment on different blouses with back neck and front neck designs, the new trend Peter Pan collar will suit you the best. It could be a simple design for daily wear, or you can pair it up with your gorgeous pattu saree as well if you want. You can get Peter Pan collar in cotton material or silk with embroidery. This retro look is surely one of the best summer looks of all.

7. Back Slit blouse

Back Slit blouse

If you love different kinds of blouses with back neck designs, the back slit blouse would the best choice for you. The back slit blouses do not reveal much but it gives a little hint of skin from the back to make you comfortable in hot and humid summer days. These kinds of blouses come in cotton material and in silk material as well. Thus, you can easily mix it up with your party wear or you can keep this simple design for your daily wear as well.

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8. Double Neck Blouses

Double Neck Blouses

It is a unique blouse, here you will find two combined fabric layer in one blouse. The back of a blouse will typically give the best look for any saree.

9. Sheer/Net Blouses

Sheer/Net Blouses

Sheer/Net is a semi-transparent fabric where the back side of the blouse will be able to flaunt its designs. Any georgette or chiffon saree will look pretty on this type of blouses.

10. Peplum Blouses

Peplum Blouses

Something like an indo-western look, this peplum blouse indicates. If you are thinking to go for any fusion look then add this peplum blouse must with your running saree, as it will ultimately give a good fusion attire.

11. Applique cut-work Blouses

Applique cut-work Blouses

I think this applique cut-work blouse is just out of the segment because it is so flawless and at the same time it needs perfection in order to give an exact look.

12. One Shoulder Blouses

One Shoulder Blouses

13. Pot Neck Blouses

Pot Neck Blouses

14. Asymmetrical Blouses

Asymmetrical Blouses

Asymmetrical blouses need no sorted design as it itself creates a new design.

15. Lace Insert Blouses

Lace Insert Blouses

16. V-Neck Blouses

V-Neck Blouses

V-neck blouse is the one whose back of the blouse gives a figured V shape. Team up with a chanderi saree or banarasi saree.

17. Knot Blouses

Knot Blouses

Don this blouse with any light design worked sarees.

18. Jacket Style Blouses

Jacket Style Blouses

Well, jacket style blouses will both fit in casual and party wear look.

19. Keyhole Blouses

Keyhole Blouses

20. Embroidered Blouses

Embroidered Blouses

21. String Back Blouses

String Back Blouses

This string style blouse is little fresh in the queue as it is both sober and alluring at the same time.

22. Round Neck Blouses

Round Neck Blouses

The round neck is the evergreen design of every woman blouse.

23. Square Neck Blouses

Square Neck Blouses

24. Off shoulder Blouses

Off shoulder Blouses

Off shoulder blouses are quite alluring in look. In any saree, you can flaunt flawlessly.

25. Spaghetti Blouses

Spaghetti Blouses

26. Angrakha Blouses

Angrakha Blouses

27. Cold shoulder Blouses

Cold shoulder Blouses

28. Sweetheart Neck Blouses

 Sweetheart Neck Blouses

29. Designer Blouses

Designer Blouses

30. Illusion Blouses

Illusion Blouses

31. Cowl blouses

Cowl blouses

32. Ornamentation Blouses

Ornamentation Blouses

33. High-Neck Blouses

High-Neck Blouses

Hey all the beautiful, I hope you would have definitely freshened up by this winsome collection of blouses. No doubt you go for any blouse from the above-listed types, you will undoubtedly grab the look of others. Summer is really going to give you more style notions. Be updated!!!

Just Create The Goggle In The Plain Linen Handloom Sarees

Let me first tell you about Handloom sarees!!

Handloom sarees are the most dignified ones which boosts up one’s personality and shows the respect for the handlooms. Actually, handloom sarees are made by the handloom machine in a typical process of weaving. These sarees are the pride of our India as this is the traditional textiles. In India, the handloom sarees varies by the regions with a number of varieties.

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Linen Handloom saree is regarded as the expensive handloom saree which are worn by the high-class society women’s. In earlier days linen was regarded as the rarest and expensive one to cultivate but now it is available in most part of our India, basically, in Kochi, it is found to be produced in a larger quantity.

Linen handloom saree is considered to wear best during the summer times as this sarees are very light in weight and keeps the body with a coolness and soothing touch. This saree also comes with different patterns from which plain linen handloom sarees are remarked as the new style quotient in the fashion trend hub.

Plain linen handloom sarees usually come in a solid color form with a contrasting border or with a zari border.

Let us have an overlook on the Plain Linen Handloom Sarees Collection:-

Linen Sarees!!

Linen Sarees

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Linen handloom saree

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Linen handloom saree

Linen handloom saree

Linen handloom saree

Linen handloom saree

Linen handloom saree

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Linen handloom saree

Linen handloom saree

Linen handloom saree

Linen handloom saree

Linen handloom saree

Linen handloom saree

When it comes to a plain linen handloom saree it depends on the wearer; how does she accompany the saree with a vibrant blouse, so that she can bring the correct look and essence of the traditional handloom saree.

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Linen saree comes in checks with big, small and regular, then border prints and a half to half contrast color combination and mostly you will find in solid or plain color sarees. When you are wearing a linen saree then you should definitely wear a handloom blouse in order to give complete justice to the handloom saree. And to complete your graceful attire you should choose the right ornaments. So, that without any effort you can flaunt in your beautiful handloom saree.

Wave In The Plain Uppada Pattu Sarees in 2018

Wave In The Plain Uppada Pattu Sarees in 2018

Plain Uppada Pattu Saree is also known as Uppada silk saree. Plain Uppada pattu saree is a part of uppada saree from the queues of varieties.
Uppada saree is originated from the village uppada of East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. This sari has created such a popularity that the village itself became the trademark for that saree.
These sarees are usually light in weight and very easy to wear.
Plain Uppada Pattu Sarees
“Uppada Jamdani Sarees” are flower motif sarees which are imprinted on both sides of the sari. This saree that is the word ‘jamdani’ and the work is inspired by Bangladesh’s handcrafts and later given the essence of uppada which made this saree to be known as Uppada Jamdani Saree.
Generally to weave a uppada saree takes 7-60 days as per the design and the work. Here, in uppada village you will find 40 percent are women weavers which implies a great initiative towards women empowerment.
Plain Uppada Pattu Sarees

About Uppada Village

Moreover, if you want to know about the uppada village I am giving an instance just to look over it. This village is holding most beautiful scenic view besides the uppada saree for which most of the nature travelers are attracted to this place.
There is a beach called uppada beach which is divided by a road from the great paddy field which is really an astonishment to have that sightseeing place.
You can imagine through the picture below about the beauty and serenity of that place.
Uppada Village
What a Scenic view one is a lush paddy field and other is the crystal-like sea water.
Plain Uppada Pattu Sarees
Plain Uppada Pattu Sarees
Plain Uppada Pattu Sarees
Plain Uppada Pattu Sarees
Back to back checked pallu sarees with contrast body color in different colors Uppada cotton sarees.
Plain Uppada Pattu Sarees
This is also a uppada cotton saree attired in a kalamkari blouse looks gorgeous upon the pretty woman.
Plain Uppada Pattu Sarees
A tranquil and serene color combination of uppada pattu saree gives a touch of divinity.
Plain Uppada Pattu Sarees
A floral motif uppada jamdani sari – the pride of Andhra Pradesh handcrafts and traditional weavers.
Plain Uppada Pattu Sarees
Actress Sneha Prasanna is looking ultra beautiful in this uppada sari. Finished her look with the antique jewellery collections.
Plain Uppada Pattu Sarees
Shilpa Reddy, a fashion designer who designs her clothes by her own prototype and also runs a designer studio called Shilpa Reddy Studio. She has worn a gorgeous cream color tissue uppada sari which is giving a glowing glance upon her beauty.
Plain Uppada Pattu Sarees
Plain Uppada Pattu Sarees
Both are same patterned design Saree having a rich border followed by the contrast body colors.
So, these were the highness of the Uppada pattu sarees in which you can wave and flaunt your looks.