Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees – Today’s Ruling Heritage Dynasty


Kanjeevaram silk sarees – Today’s ruling heritage dynasty

When we think about “silk sarees” what crosses our mind……….

Yes!! you are right. It’s none other than kanjeevaram silk sarees which stands for the richness and shining aura.

Kanjeevaram silk sarees are also known as ‘Kanchipuram’ sarees, the place from where it is originated, it is also spelled as ‘Conjeevaram’ due to the aftermath of the British’s era.

Kanjeevaram silk saree

So, you can call these sarees as kanchipuram or kanjeevaram or conjeevaram silk sarees after all it depends on your perception.

Now-a-days you will see maximum to maximum people are opting for kanjeevarm silk sarees on their marriages just to hold the ecstasy.

These sarees are grooving because of their motifs, gold cloth and durability. It has that sheen shininess in its sarees for which everyone is being attracted.

The gold threads are the king of the kanjeevaram sarees.

kanjeevaram sarees

Here I’m going to give you fewer details about the origin place,i.e; Kanchipuram!!!!

It is a place located 72km away from Chennai(capital of Tamilnadu) located on the banks of the Vegavathy river.
Kanchipuram is known as the city of temples and silk sarees.

This place was ruled by many dynasties from Cholas, Pallavas, Mughal, British, etc.

Still today you can see the greenery scenic view and you will definitely connect with this place’s culture, tradition and it’s vibes.

Well I’m showcasing below some Kanjivaram silk sarees which are having a signature touch by the endeavour designer.

#Bhargavi Kunam

Bhargavi Kunam

These collections are designed by ‘Bhargavi Kunam’ a hyderabad based designer who excels her designs based on handlooms, kanjeevaram, bridal collections. She is gradually creating the buzz in this kanjeevaram segment.

These Silks are quite authentic and vibrant, it will give you very graceful look.




Who doesn’t know Rekha, the legendary actress but if you have ever marked her events and award functions look then you have been ultimately aware of her style sense.

Because she is the one who always allures her only in kanjeevaram sarees and that too with very rich and antique ornaments.

Rekha in Kanjeevaram silk sarees
She has always left us mesmerized in her tempting looks.



Kalpavruksh” – it is slowly catching the crowd with its designs and style. It is a shop in Vijayawada Buckinghampet, AP, especially for women’s apparels.

Kalpavruksh             Kalpavruksh

If you are melting by this Kalpavruksh’s sarees then go and have a twirl on this shop.

Well below I have given some more styles, you can go through this also…..

Kanjeevaram silk saree


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