Every institution is run under a manager who has to manage the whole institute under his supervision so that he/she can rectify any fault and ward off the unnecessary shortcomings of that institute.
Sneha reddy Studio Kids photography
The reason why I am mentioning this all data is only because to introduce the backbone behind this beautiful project “STUDIO-PIC-A-BOO“.
Sneha reddy Studio Kids photography
You all would be wondering, there would be a great team to bring the output of every photo shoot. But that’s not the fact, I know as the images are so creative that it is hard to believe that it’s not a teamwork.
Sneha reddy Studio Kids photography
The founder and owner of STUDIO-PIC-A-BOO is Mrs. Allu Sneha Reddy but do you know friends who is the backbone of this imaginative project!!!
Sneha reddy Studio Kids photography
Well, I am going to unveil the person’s name, he is HARSHA VARDHAN – the mind of STUDIO-PIC-A-BOO, I mean the manager, the one-man team, and everything.
Allu Arjun and his son photography
He is the man who manages everything from deciding the theme to making out of every shot. This man is very friendly because every kid and infants feel themselves so warm that they are quite spellbinding to pump in any shot.
Sneha reddy Studio Kids photography
Here, what happens, if anyone is heading for any maternity or toddler or any photoshoot then they are hardly charged in between 22k-30k where they provide 4 props with 25-26 shots.
While for any event or birthday bash photoshoot they charge from 80k onwards.
Sneha reddy Studio Kids photography
I think the price is quite negotiable as they provide you every prop, idea and instructs the way how to pose for the shot.
Below I am giving some more clicks of their tremendous work so that you can get more clarity and depth to their work.

1)Sneha reddy photo with her daughter

Momma’s girl –
Sneha Ma’m holding Arha in such a jolly mood that the image itself reveals the whole emotion of this beautiful snap.

2)Sneha reddy Studio photography

Maybe pink or blue!!!
Maybe girl or boy – This is the sign of the colored hearts which shows the suspense of a maternity shoot.

3)Sneha reddy Studio Kids photography

What a gorgeous image!!
Like mother – like daughter, same to same attire and a very lovely shot.

4)Sneha reddy Studio Kids photography

So much love in just one frame.

5)Sneha reddy Studio Kids photography

Funny one yet innovative, Mr. Harsha Sir had grabbed the opportunity of the sleeping baby to deliver the image as a drunken kid…. Haa Haa!!

6)Sneha reddy Studio Kids photography

Looks like a pearl in a shell.

7) Kids photography

The rockstar is ready to rule his entity.

8)Allu Arjun with his daughter

The smile on Allu Arjun Sir’s face shows how proud he is to be a father of his beautiful daughter.
Million of love to this image…..
So now I hope you all have known their enthusiasm and incredibility.
I suggest you must visit their studio once if you want to capture your moments like this.
Address and phone number, I have mentioned in my last post, do find and reach soon.
Whatsapp or Call – Mr. Harsha ( 9989611127)
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