Top 5 Indian Traditional Women Outfits Which Still Exits


Top 5 Indian Traditional Women Outfits That Still Exits

Generally what we feel, that traditional means wearing only sarees and salwars in a typical way. But that’s not what I’m going to convey us this post. So in this, I want to make you aware of the Indian Traditional Women Outfits which are still alive in our India.

Indian Traditional women outfits

India is such a regional country that it holds everyone culture, ethics, and community for which you will find different outfits from different- different region.


1. Marathi Traditional Women’s Outfits

In Maharastra, you will find the Maharashtrians are still soaked in their tradition. Here, the Marathi Traditional women’s outfits are spotted in saree that is also in a very different look. What you will see here, that the women have draped themselves in such a sporting way that you will crave to get the look.

Actually, they wear in Dhoti Style-From waist to bottom, the saree is draped in such a way, that it will eventually bring the dhoti-look.

Marathi Traditional Women's Outfits

However, the upper part is draped in the usual way that we wear in regular saree wearing.

The Marathi women’s adorns themselves very marvelously. Today also they follow their tradition and however anyone can go in their traditional look, you will look like Diva.

2. Andhra Pradesh Traditional Women’s Outfits

Andhra Pradesh is a region of diverse culture and tradition. This is a place where you will find much more than your expectation from culture, tradition, festival, crafts, arts to music and etc.

You will be always amazed by seeing they are down to earth cultural practice. The girls from the age between 8-12yrs are seen in maxi skirts and top like blouses.

While the women from 18 age onwards are found to be worn in  “Langa Voni”.

Andhra Pradesh Traditional Women's Outfits

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Well, personally I am madly in love with this costume.

Usually, they wear a skirt like a lehenga with a regular blouse then adds a dupatta or Odhni to wrap/cover their upper part o the body from the waist which gives a saree outline look for which it is also known as ‘half saree’.

They are quite strict to their tradition and ethics and deeply love their culture for which their tradition is still alive with full respect and love in the form of their living temperaments.

3. Punjab Traditional Women’s Outfits

Punjab, the loved state of India, where the scenic beauty of the rich agriculture will make you fall for it.

Just imagine if their surrounding is so nice, then think what would be been their dressing style!!

Here, you will find the women in Patiala-Suits. The first and foremost attire, that you will ever see in Punjab from their ancestral is patiala- suits.

Punjab Traditional Women's Outfits

They give complete justice to their Punjab traditional outfit line in their phulkari dupattas, paranda, jutis and jhumkis.


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4. West Bengal Traditional Women’s Outfits

What you will find in West Bengal(Bengali) Traditional Women’s Outfits. The rich red color sarees , sindoors, bindis and their styling sense.They usually makeover like goddesses with their authentic ornaments and outfits.

So, what’s so special in their outfits !!

West Bengal Traditional Women's Outfits

The special is that they drape their sarees in a unique way for which their style of wearing is considered as their traditional way of wearing. For an idea, you can have a look below.

5. Kerala Traditional Women’s Outfits

Kerala is considered as God’s own country, where nature meets with the beauty of backwaters, beaches, sunset, coconut trees, and culture. Here, the women are found in their Kasavu Saree which is regarded as their traditional attire. These sarees are mainly found in white or off-white color with a combination of gold thread woven borders.

Kerala Traditional Women's Outfits

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