Two Heavenly Regional Stories From The Same Origin Handloom – Bomkai Saree And Handlooms Kalpavruksh


Two Heavenly Regional Stories From The Same Origin Handloom – Bomkai Saree And Handlooms Kalpavruksh

I know there are innumerable handloom fabrics and sarees, but I preferred to throw light upon these two heavenly regional handlooms.


Because in this one is little-underrated handloom and the other one is highly rated handloom. But the things is these two are the region handlooms – One is Bomkai Saree from Odisha whereas the other is the Handlooms Kalpavruksh which deals in the kanjeevaram sarees.

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Bomkai Saree –

Bomkai Saree from Odisha

Bomkai saree is also remarked as the sonepuri saree as it is originated from the western part of Odisha.

These are the hand woven handloom sarees which are both available in silk and cotton material saree. While the silk bomkai saree can be put on during any occasion or function whereas the cotton is quite casual, you can adorn them at any time.

Bomkai Saree from Odisha

This saree is having the essence of the tribal culture which includes ethnic motifs. Bomkai Sarees are found with the maximum ethnic motifs pattern on their pallu & the borderline.

And these motifs are creating the standards of the bomkai saree beacuse through this the culture and tradition of Odisha are demonstrated and kept on a high note.

Bomkai Saree from Odisha

Pink Click !!

Its a pink bomkai saree followed with a tribal motif pallu. Soothing color with elegant work finish makes it look beautiful.

Bomkai Saree

Yes, now let me check how many of you have been able to figure out this design?

Well, it’s a bomkai saree, no doubt but the work which is done is actually something which represents the culture of Odisha. So, the weaver has done a great work by airing the holy shrine “Lord Jagannath” and the Nartakis, which undoubtedly shows the creativeness of the weaver.

Bomkai Saree from Odisha Handlooms

Its a mix of ikkat and bomkai, which shows a contrast color combination with small buti works.

Bomkai Saree from Odisha Handlooms

An intricate work of the weaver.

Bomkai Saree from Odisha Handlooms

Cultivated with the box motifs upon the striped background. A pista green colored saree with a contrast of deep green pallu and border.

Bomkai Saree from Odisha Handlooms

Bomkai pattu Saree.

Bomkai pattu Saree

Bomaki Cotton Sarees.

Handlooms Kalpavruksh –

Handlooms Kalpavruskh

Handlooms Kalpavruskh” has shown a great rising pace in the kanjeevaram dynasty. Because “kalpavruksh” is a complete women clothing shop targeting upon the handloom sector i.e; Kanjeevaram Sarees.

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Those who want to visit this shop can follow the below address:-

[ Bandar Road, Vijayawada Buckinghampet,  Andhra Pradesh, India, Contact No – 08142544441]

The way Kalpavruskh is intacting the designs is a great approach for the cultivation of kanjeevaram pattu sarees.

Kanjeevaram Saree itself holds a lot of emotions and practice to maintain its old tradition through its day to day innovative designs and fusions of contemporary motifs.

Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees

Golden thread works at a Zig-Zag joyous design. Should have this style at least one for any valuable moments.

Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees

Check patterns followed with best-contrasting color combination with a golden worked border. For any casual or light occasion, you can opt like this style of Kanjeevaram Pattu Sarees.

Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees

Bridal Pieces !!!

Very absoulte in color – rich, vibrant and gorgeous. A perfect option for any bride as she can rule that day with these sarees collections.

Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees

One is gingham check body work while the other is Pochampally work.

These looks will go elegant upon the women’s who are loving to style themselves after their 50’s also.

Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees Collection

Party – wear sarees, done in contemporary designs as well as traditional which can be carried during any casual or ethnical functions.

Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees

Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees

Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees

A sign of soberness, very subtle and low tone colors and also the ongoing color boards in today’s fashion world. These sarees will ultimately look beautiful upon any one.

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Handlooms Kalpavruskh Sarees

I hope I have helped you to know about the two heavenly regional stories from the same origin ” Handlooms” – Bomkai Saree and Handlooms Kalpavruksh through this article.




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